• Copper Ore - Very common, less common than Iron Ore
  • Copper Ingot - Smelt Copper Ore
  • Copper Block - Craft from nine Copper Ingots
  • Tin Ore - Common, less common than Copper Ore
  • Tin Ingot - Smelt Tin Ore
  • Tin Block - Craft from nine Tin Ingots
  • Bronze Dust - Craft from two Copper Ingots and one Tin Ingot
  • Bronze Ingot - Smelt Bronze Dust
  • Bronze Block - Craft from nine Bronze Ingots
  • Iron Plate - Craft from three Iron Ingots
  • Steel Dust - Craft from four Coals around one Iron Ingot
  • Steel Ingot - Smelt Steel Dust
  • Steel Block - Craft from nine Steel Ingots
  • Steel Plate - Craft from three Steel Ingots
  • Aluminum Ore - Uncommon, less common than Tin Ore
  • Aluminum Ingot - Smelt Aluminum Ore
  • Aluminum Block - Craft from nine Aluminum Ingots
  • Mirror - Craft from three Aluminum Ingots and three Glass Panes
  • Silver Ore - Rare, less common than Aluminum Ore
  • Silver Ingot - Smelt Silver Ore
  • Silver Block - Craft from nine Silver Ingots
  • Titanium Ore - Rare, as common as Silver Ore
  • Titanium Ingot - Smelt Titanium Ore
  • Titanium Block - Craft from nine Titanium Ingots
  • Titanium Plate - Craft from three Titanium Ingots
  • Uranium Ore - Rare, as common as Gold Ore

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